"Oh, it's you!" May 1, 2021


Movement is life. Action is energy. Energy is movement.

Yesterday I had a wonderful conversation with Jerry from Saddle Tree Gallery. His voice sounded elated after I told him what I'm looking for (OMG, giclée prints of my works!!). Then, he said " Oh it's you! I've been following you on Facebook and I love your work!"

The honesty and care in his voice was so deeply genuine that it made me feel grounded and seen at the same time. So, today I'm putting a couple of my paintings in the car to bring to his print/framing shop in town. We discussed which ones to bring to get photographed. It seriously like bringing your kids to the airport to fly somewhere on their own.

I can't wait to see where my paintings will fly to. I already have three people who would love to buy prints of "Blue Moon" ("And Then She Did") and a couple of others who would love to have "Mars at Dawn" prints.

Life is beautiful.


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