My new studio

Last week, I moved my art studio into the billiard room. I thought about this move for months, and the decision was not an easy one. The move included not just rethinking and rearranging, but beating down incessant fears of "messing up that gorgeous billiard table." It's not my 5k billiard table, it came with the rental and is impossible to move. You see, the room was built for this table. I don't even play pool! In fact, I did not even know that those sticks people use to knock the balls around the edges is called a "cue."

Worries had crept into my soul such as:

What if I get a little too wild creating one of my abstracts?

Or maybe one of our felines will knock over my paint water that I left after a midnight session?

After brushing away worries like pesky flies (notably referred to as "sky ants") and a few more minutes of imagining the amazing feeling of being in my new art space, the final piece came into play when I found a nearly perfect 4ft x 8ft piece of sheet rock at the hardware store. My kids gave me a hand with moving hundreds of paint tubes, an easel, twenty canvases and buckets of brushes from the darkness of the downstairs studio into the beautiful new light-filled space while playing "Astronaut in the Ocean"

Here is my new space! There is a bar behind in the dark area, with mini fridge for a glass of wine after work.

Fun days.

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